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…It’s Things Thursday: DigiDudes?


DigiDudes are “funky, portable camera tripod and keychains with attitude”.

To use, simply screw off the dude’s head and pull out the retractable legs. The keychain allows you to attach the dude to your camera bag or backpack, making it the perfect on-the-go camera mount for when you just need something that’s a little more stable.

The five dudes are Pinky Scorsese, Snot Buster, 1iChomp, BoltBot, and G-bling-Money-Son, and each comes with its own personality and attitude.

[Quirky – DigiDudes]

…Your old iPods can become speakers?

iPod Speakers

Here’s an interesting idea for a pair of old iPods: Replace the scroll wheels with speakers to turn them into a portable stereo system.

According to Jordan, the maker of the speakers:

I was looking through a bunch of old stuff when I came across my original iPod. I had long ago scavenged it for parts, so I came up with another use for it. Although I already had the iPod speaker “shell”, I wanted to make two speakers so that it could be stereo sound. My iPod speaker shell was barely recognizable with too many scratches to count, so I ordered two front panels and two back panels.

The total cost ended up around 100 USD for everything. It was mostly the shipping prices that made it so expensive. If I had spent some more time finding cheaper prices, or finding the parts locally, the cost would have been about 60 USD.

[Voiding Warranties – iPod Speakers]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…It’s Things Thursday: Headphonies?


Headphonies are limited edition, designer, vinyl style toys with the functionality of a portable mini speaker built in.

Headphonies Detail

The overall design was created by Eran Weinberg, and various artists will be providing their artwork to the collectible characters, so hurry if you want one, because they’re sure to be snatched up quickly.

Plus, since they’re only making 500 to 1000 of each design, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever run into anyone on the street rocking the same Headphonies as you.


[Via: SpankyStokes]

…Kipp Wettstein makes beautiful large format cameras?

Kipp Wettstein

Kipp Wettstein makes his own large format cameras as part of what he calls The Camera Project.

The cameras are designed to suit Kipp’s “operational tendencies for the singular application of mobility”, and make a “simple, elegant and accurate method to connect the lens and film planes”.

    The beauty of the design is that it is built around the elegant form of the image cone produced by the lens. Not only does this design yield an attractive camera but it is extremely accurate. The lens and film planes have a parallel accuracy within the fractions of a millimeter. These designs have no perspective-controlling movements. They are small, lightweight and extremely precise.

His latest, called the 8×10 Carbon/Aluminum, is a beautiful “portable, wide-angle camera using a molded carbon fiber cone attached to a body plate machined from a solid block of 7075-T651 aircraft aluminum”. The lens is a Schneider 165mm Super Angulon, and “at four pounds, its weight nearly matches that of the camera body”.

Want one?

He’ll make one for you (or at least take your inquiry about one), but keep in mind that “ultimately, large-format photography is a costly process”.

[Kipp Wettstein – The Camera Project]