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…It’s Website Wednesday: Hollywood Stock Exchange?

Hollywood Stock Exchange

Think you know Hollywood? Then prove it.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (aka The Entertainment Market) allows you to “buy shares of your favorite actors and their new movies”. Based on the success of their career and the success of each movie, values rise and fall, soaring with a blockbuster opening and plummeting with a “bomb no one goes to see”.

Insider trading is encouraged, so you can utilize any entertainment news, insider info, and tools of the trade that you think will help you make buys. Then, as you build up your portfolio, you can trade your ‘cash’ for prizes.

Do you have what it takes?

[Hollywood Stock Exchange]

…The Trader Bar lets you invest in your drink?

The Trader Bar

The Trader Bar in Melbourne, Australia adds a new and very interesting twist to the traditional method of ordering your favorite libation. Above the bar, large TVs show the drink market, where drink prices fluctuate every 5-9 minutes depending on public demand. The higher the demand for a particular drink, the higher the cost. You are then faced with the decision of drinking your old favorite that may be at a high price or trying something new for a lower cost. Fear not though, every once in a while the staff will replace the bar music with a large crashing sound and the bar market will crash, causing all drinks to go to their lowest possible price. Plus, with signature cocktails like the Arbitrage, the 1929, and the Cayman Fund, you’re sure to be a bull in no time. Just watch out for those penny stocks, they’ll take your portfolio from you in a hurry.

[The Trader Bar]

[Via: Trend Hunter]