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…Rhys Millen will try to backflip again on New Years Eve?

Red Bull New Year No Limits

Remember last year when Rhys Millen managed to miss the landing pit during his truck backflip practice and break three vertebrae in his neck and compress and break two vertebrae in his back?

Well apparently his doctors have given him the go and he’s going to give it another try this New Year’s Eve during the second annual Red Bull New Year No Limits event, and he’s even posted a video of the crash to wet everyone’s appetite:

According to Rhys:

Last year we attempted what was before then thought impossible. Laws of physics and vehicle dynamics were pushed to the limits with success, but failure came in one small mis-calculation. My body can be broken but my mind cannot. This year, people will witness the first ramp to ramp back flip in an off-road truck – ever.

In addition to Rhys’ record setting attempt, Robbie Maddison will also be breaking a record during the event as he attempts to jump over 100 feet into the air and land atop the replical Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas. He’ll then drop off the Arc and freefall for more than 50 feet to land on a massive landing ramp below.

I know I’ll be tuning in; will you?

[Red Bull – New Year No Limits]

…Scandinavians know how to flick?

Scandinavian Flick

If it’s snowing in your neck of the woods, then be thankful, because the Weather Gods have blessed you with a perfect practice space for the Scandinavian Flick.

Basically an easy way to drift around a snowbound corner, the flick is a trick that involves steering away from a turn, and then quickly snapping the wheel back towards the turn to bring the back end around as you power through the corner.

The goal is to get the rear of your car to swing out under full power, giving you increased control and traction, though style points are also an added bonus.

It should go without saying, but if you’re new to the ways of the Scandinavians, then it’s probably best to practice in an open parking lot/field of dreams, because you don’t want to follow your Scandinavian Flick practice with an American Dig Out Your Car practice now, do you?

[Motive Magazine – Scandinavian Flick]

…Rhys Millen is an injured motorsports legend?

There’s good news and bad news regarding Rhys Millen’s truck backflip.

The good news is that Red Bull has released another video about the jump:

The bad news is that on Rhys’ fourth cardboard box practice landing (he successfully landed three previous jumps into cardboard) he overshot the landing area and broke three vertebrae in his neck and compressed and broke two vertebrae in his back. Thus, no 360-degree Red Bull Experiment this year, though thankfully, Rhys will live to drive another day.

Anyone want to take his place?

[Red Bull Experiment]