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…Billy Mays has been CubeeCrafted?

Billy Mays CubeeCraft

Bring Billy Mays back to life with this custom CubeeCraft from Liz Lukens.

The paper doll can be made by just printing the pattern and then following the instructions, which include cutting along the dotted line and then folding and poking everything together.

But print now and we’ll DOUBLE your Billy Mays! Just pay shipping and handling.

[Billy Mays CubeeCraft]

…Paper Critters lets you create DIY papercraft?

Paper Critters

I’ve shown you plenty of papercraft before, but with Paper Critters, you can create and share your own digital paper toys thanks to their easy to use Toy Creator.

Just choose your tool, pick a color, and create your masterpiece.

You can even upload your own image if you want to give it a personal touch, and then print your final creation and bring it to life.

[Paper Critters]

[Via: Zoomdoggle]

…Chad Pugh created the Science Machine?

Science Machine

Chad Pugh’s Science Machine is a beautiful piece of art that was created using Adobe Illustrator over a 40-hour time frame (double that if you add in concept time and readying the print).

During that time, Chad has his computer set up to take a screenshot every five seconds so that you can follow along from beginning to end though a time lapse as this piece comes to life:

[The Big Pugh Store – Science Machine]

[Flickr – The Science Machine]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Cubeecraft lets you fold your own toys?


Cubeecraft is a site that features a new cube based papercraft toy/character each week.

Each toy is designed with interlocking tabs, so there’s no need for tape, glue, or other adhesives, and you simply print, cut, and fold your way to a cute and fun paper toy.