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…TechCrunch is building a web tablet?

TechCrunch Tablet

When TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington put out a call for the creation of a sub-$200 net tablet that took the netbook idea, threw out the keyboard, and added a little Kindle flavor for good measure, I was excited by the idea, but humbled by the slim chance that this thing had to actually make it to market.

Well, six months and two prototypes later, there’s apparently a working model of what this device might become:

Using a Via Nano processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory, a touchscreen for onscreen keyboarding and Ubuntu, the unit boots, connects, and surfs just like you would want it to.

Unfortunately, it looks like the sub-$200 price point may have been too ambitious for the first go-round, but with a realistic target of $299 now set, it looks like this might actually see the light of day.

They did however add that:

The real question for us is whether this project has legs and should go forward towards production units, which is a very big step from a working prototype. That would require spinning the company off from the blog and building a team around Louis. It’s a decision we haven’t made yet.

Despite the challenges that this device still faces, I hope that someone picks it up and runs with it, because I wouldn’t mind kicking back on the couch with the Internet at my fingertips for a hair under $300.

[TechCrunch – Tablet Update: Prototype B]

…Watches are great for Pong?

Pong Watch

John had always wanted to make his own wrist watch, but never got around to doing it. Then, after inspiration from the Buro Vormkrijgers Pong Clock and David Forbes and his Nixie-tube watch, inspiration hit. He decided to make his own Pong Watch. Several months of design, building and testing later, he has his first prototype, and it looks pretty cool. Though this isn’t going to be a commercial endeavor, he has posted a pretty thorough description of the entire build process on his site, so if this watch strikes your fancy, and you’re handy with a soldering iron, you can build your own. It’s classictastic.

[Pong Watch]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]