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…Sex sells Playstation 3s?

As post-launch Playstation 3 console prices plummeted on eBay, sellers needed to find a way of differentiating themselves from the numerous other sellers pimping the results of their multiple day camping trips. Combine that with eBay’s requirement that each listing have a unique photograph of the item in the seller’s possession, including the User ID and a clear, readable copy of the sales receipt or other proof of purchase, and the stage was set for a skin off. The women of eBay gladly bared all for a sex sells style listing war, and though the results are less than convincing, nothing says gaming like a nice set of boobies (not included with the system of course).

[Via: Zatz Not Funny!]

[eBay Listing Policy]

…Playstation 3s are good for smashing?

It looks like the guys over at SmashMyPS3.com lived up to their promise, buying a brand new Playstation 3 on launch day and then proceeding to smash it right in front of the rest of the people waiting in line. It’s quite a site to behold.