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…Handstands just aren’t as hard as they used to be?

Cliff Handstand

If only you could zoom in on this picture, you’d see that this guy’s got cojones of steel, and I’m sure he’s proud of them. Eskil Rønningsbakken held a handstand on the edge of a 604-meter cliff in Norway because “It was extremely fun”. “Simply doing a conventional handstand on the edge of the cliff wasn’t quite exciting enough for Rønningsbakken, though, so he added to the suspense by perching on a four-rung metal ladder that in turn teetered on the edge of Norway’s famed Pulpit Rock”. Not only did he do the headstand stunt in front of his wife and child, but he also didn’t use security devices of any kind. Did I say cojones of steel? I meant huge, giant cojones of steel.

[Balancing Act At Pulpit Rock]

[Via: Neatorama]