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…Aaron Rose makes some inspiring kicks?

Aaron Rose Shoes

Aaron Rose and DC Shoes have teamed up to create the Rose Mid as part of DC’s Artist Projects.

The shoe, which is available in either a black or wheat colorway, features an interior lined with plaid fabric and custom designed gum soles, with a repeating teardrop pattern that has a single clear teardrop to expose the cork interior.

The shoes come in a custom designed shoe bag, along with a mini ‘zine of Rose’s work, and a Rose designed box.

It’s all designed to pay tribute to the mod, punk and Goth styles that inspired Aaron as a kid, and made him what he is today.

It’s a testament to all the collaborations I’ve had throughout the years that have brought me to this position where someone like DC would come and ask me to make a shoe.”

[DC Shoes – Aaron Rose]

[Via: Juxtapoz]

…Your baby needs a mohawk hat?

Baby Mohawk

Babies will pretty much wear anything.

Thus, you can stick a hot pink beanie complete with hot pink mohawk on top of their head, and you won’t have to listen to a single complaint.

Want something else?

How about a fleece hyena hat with a mohawk attached?

It’s a bit of punk meets a bit of rock and roll, and it’s all awesome.

Doesn’t your Mini-Me deserve one?

[Etsy – Hot Pink Baby]

[Via: LikeCool]

…Furniture can get tattoos too?

Tattoo Furniture

Here’s an interesting idea for leather furniture: Tattoo it.

Designers Marie Rahm and Monica Singer of Polka have teamed up with tattoo artist Gert Kowarzik to do just that, and the result is a beautiful piece of punk art.

If you want tattoo style but fear permanent body alterations, then check out tattoo furniture, because it might not get you into a biker bar, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

[Polka – Tattoo Furniture]