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…Tactical Corsets have looks that can kill?

Tactical Corset

What do you get the girl that has everything?

How about a MILSPEC corset that features MOLLE modular pouch attachment webbing, self-adjustable quick-release buckles, and enough accessories to keep you busy for hours?

Tactical Corset Details

Tactical Corsets are designed to look as good as they function, and give girls the same utility that cargo pants give guys while still supporting the female form.

[Tactical Corsets]

…OnGuard’s Locking Skewers keep your bike’s parts in place?

OnGuard Locking Skewers

If you were born to ride, but bicycle theft is a problem in your area, then check out OnGuard’s Locking Skewers.

By replacing the quick release wheel and seat bolts with a bolt set that can only be opened with a one-of-a-kind key, you can simply lock your frame to a solid object and not worry about somebody making off with your bike’s pieces and parts in the middle of the night.


[Via: Cool Hunting]