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…It’s Website Wednesday: Flickr Panda?

Flickr Panda

Flickr’s “Explore” is Flirkr’s front page, “an introductory collection of ever-changing photos to show people the kinds of things inside the site”.

However, Explore can only highlight about 500 images per day, and since there are five thousand new images uploaded to Flickr every minute, plenty of high quality images never make it onto Explore.

To help highlight some of the other images that Flickr users have submitted, Flickr created the Flickr: Panda, a rainbow vomiting panda that spews photos from its mouth at a rate of about one every two seconds, or 43,000+ photos per day.

It might not be the front page, but how often can you say that your photo was spit up by a rainbow spewing panda bear?

[Flickr – Panda]

…Apple is colorblind?

iPod Nano

Apple went iPod crazy on Tuesday, and released an updated Nano, a new Touch, a larger (and cheaper) Classic, and Shuffles in all new (for them) colors.

The tech blogs have all managed to beat this news into the ground already, so I’m not going to dive into the details, but what I am going to wonder aloud about is this: Why did it take Apple so long to release an iPod in a rainbow of colors? (Or Nano-Chromatic in Apple speak.)

While Apple was busy doling out doses of iPod five flavors at a time, ColorWare managed to make an entire business out of taking your iPod and adding color to it, and they even charge an extra fee to do so.

It’s obvious that the demand for colors has always existed, as evidenced by Apple’s decision to release their products in various (limited) colors along the way, and the mere existence of ColorWave, so why hasn’t Apple jumped on this bandwagon before?

The world may never know…

[Apple – iPod]


…You need to offset the evil?

Offset The Evil

Apparently Sega has decided that their new game, Condemned 2, is so evil, that if you’re going to play it, you need to offset that evil by visiting a site filled with ponies, clowns, rainbows and happiness.

I guess we’re all safe then…right?

[Offset The Evil]