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…Danny Way is made of steel?

After Jake Brown fell last year during the X-Games Big Air Skateboarding event, it seemed like things couldn’t get much worse.

However, Danny Way decided that this year, he too was going to prove that he can take a fall by catching his ankles/shins on the coping, and flipping to flat bottom some twenty feet below.

Keep in mind that the ramp itself is 20+ feet tall, and Danny soars some 20+ feet out of the top of the ramp, so he’s basically falling out of a fifth story window, and then getting hit by a baseball bat on the way down.

And he walked away.



…Travis Pastrana rocked the hydrojump?

Travis Pastrana Hydrojump

Apparently, when you’re Travis Pastrana, conquering regular sports just gets boring after a while, and you need to invent new and unique sports to conquer just to keep yourself busy.

Travis’ latest stunt, called the hydrojump, had him skimming his Suzuki dirtbike at 70 miles per hour for 110 feet in five-foot-deep water, and then launching off of a floating FMX ramp.

[Via: Autoblog]

…Rhys Millen is a motorsports legend?

Rhys Millen Backflip

Rhys Millen is my new hero.

After conquering Pike’s Peak and Formula D, he has decided to become the first person to purposely backflip an off-road racing truck.

As part of ESPN’s New Year’s Eve No Limits broadcast, Rhys will jump his truck off of a special ramp that he and his team designed and built, with the goal of landing wheels side down on the other side.

Can he do it?

Tune in to The Red Bull Experiment to find out.

[The Red Bull Experiment]

[Via: Autoblog]