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…MacUpdate is bringing a Holiday Bundle?

MacUpdate Holiday Bundle

The MacUpdate Holiday Bundle is back, and they’ve brought together 10 fantastic Mac apps to help bring you a little extra Mac related holiday cheer this year.

For a limited time, this bundle of Mac software goodies, which would normally sell for a total of $447.69, is now just $49.99, or a savings of almost 90%!

The programs include RapidWeaver, LittleSnitch, KeyCue and MacGourmet Deluxe, all of which I’ve used, and can say that they would justify the price alone, as well as MacPilot, WhatSize, iVolume, VirusBarrier X5, Drive Genius, and Default Folder X.

The bundle will only be available for another nine days or so though, and then it’s gone forever, so give them a try and see what you think, because Mac deals like this only come around once a year.

[MacUpdate – Holiday Bundle]

…It’s Things Thursday: MacUpdate Promo?

MacUpdate Promo

Last year, the MacUpdate Promo included $234.80 worth of Mac software, including Forklift, RapidWeaver, Swift Publisher, MemoryMiner, Yep, XMIND, iStabilize, PulpMotion, and more.

This year, the MacUpdate Promo is called the Parallels Bundle, and features $474.76 worth of Mac software for just $64.99, including Hazel, Art Text, MenuCalendarClock, Leap, StoryMill, Typinator, DVDRemaster Pro, Sound Studio, BannerZest, and lastly, Parallels Desktop.

Since Parallels Desktop normally sells for $79.99 by itself, this could turn out to be quite the deal if the unlock point is met.

Fear not though, as last year, over 27,000 bundles were sold, meaning that this year, they “fully expect to reach all 3 unlock milestones during the 2-week span of this event”.

Is this a deal you’re willing to pass up?

[MacUpdate Promo]

…The MacUpdate Promo is steal?

MacUpdate PromoThe MacUpdate Promo is back, which means that you can again save a bundle on a bundle of Mac software.

Initial applications include Forklift, RapidWeaver, Swift Publisher, Marine Aquarium, Xslimmer, MemoryMiner and Yep for just $49.99, which is a savings of 79%.

Then, if and when 1,000, 2,400, and 5,000 people buy the bundle, XMIND Pro 2008, iStabilize, and PulpMotion are respectively unlocked, meaning you’ll pay just $49.99 for a $646.75 bundle. (A savings of over 92%!)

Can you afford to pass up this deal?

[MacUpdate Promo]