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…Boston doesn’t like ATHF?


How to get your guerrilla marketing campaign noticed:

    1. Make little LED Moominites.
    2. Put them up in various places around Boston.
    3. Get the bomb squad involved.
    4. Detonate one of the Moominites.
    5. Clog the Internet’s tubes with your story.

Peter Berdovsky, the luckiest unlucky man in the advertising world right now, was arrested on Wednesday following the freak out by the city of Boston, a place with no apparent sense of humor. Authorities called in the bomb squad after someone noticed the suspicious devices, and even went so far as to detonate one of the signs “just to be safe”. I can understand wanting to be safe when dealing with a suspicious electrical device and all, but arresting the man behind it just because you didn’t know what to do with an advanced form of Lite-Brite? That’s just uncalled for. It’s not like he was trying to make an anti terror statement or anything; the man was just trying to get a little advertising in front of the eyes of potential Aqua Teen Hunger Force viewers. I guess Peter’s campaign got more eyes than he bargained for.

Mooninite Shirt

If you’re interested in jumping on the anti-Boston bandwagon, Raplica was the first to t-shirt-ize the whole ordeal with a shirt that features the Mooninite and the slogan “ATHF is the bomb!”.

[Peter Berdovsky]

[Raplica – Mooninite Tee]

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