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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Ring Brothers’ RAZOR?


The Ring Brothers’ RAZOR project is a 1969 Camaro taken beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and it was recently (and deservedly) awarded the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association’s Street Machine of the Year.

RAZOR Detail

If you can see it, then it was probably customized, including a flawlessly sleek and modern exterior, carbon fiber goodies all around, custom wheels and tires, an updated interior, a beautiful paint scheme, and a 454 Ram Jet ZL1 providing the motivation.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

[Ring Brothers – RAZOR]

…Folding paper can be fun?

Here’s a few projects for you paper folders:

Paper Train Whistle

The first is a working train whistle made entirely out of household materials (printer, paper, thicker paper, white glue, scissors, and a razor edge).

To make the whistle, just print the paper parts, fold, cut, glue, and after 3 hours (drying time) you’ll have your very own playable paper train whistle.

NetFlix Origami

The second is an entire site dedicated to origami that you can make from the tear-off flaps that come on NetFlix wrappers.

Though traditional origami usually requires squares of paper, each of these designs has been adapted so that you can use the rectangular NetFlix flap without alteration.

Using the sturdy and colorful flaps, you can make your very own swan, frog, box, shirt, heart, tray, crab, sack, cube, envelope, bullet plane, glider, and dive-bomber.

Just watch out for the paper cuts.

[Train Whistle Via: MAKE: Blog]

[NetFlix Oragami Via: SwissMiss]

…It’s Thing Thursday: Rolling Razor?

Rolling Razor

The Rolling Razor is a new type of razor that uses two opposing heads to shave “in multiple directions with a single stroke”. Also, having both heads allows you to shave both with and against the grain in fewer strokes for a closer shave.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, it’s designed to give you a faster and easier shave, and with an innovative handle, it “puts you in control”.

The Rolling Razor might not go Mach 3, but your face and body probably won’t mind.

[Rolling Razor]

[Photo Via: Jurek Durczak]

…Shaving can change your life?


Wet shaving can improve your health, save you money, help the environment, and make you feel better about yourself by doing something that you already do every day, so why aren’t you doing it?

More than likely, it’s because you don’t know how.

To help you on this epic quest into the land of the clean shave, John Koontz from the Badger & Blade forum has written a great guest post over at Zen Habits called, “Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life”.

The quick how-to that the article gives is simple, and should have you shaving face in no time.

Just remember to stock up on styptic pencils…

[Zen Habits – Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life]

[Badger & Blade]

[Photo Via: Koshyk]

…Razors don’t go dull on their own?

Shaving With A Razor

Here’s an interesting tip that will help to cut down your disposable razor needs: Dry your razor after you shave.

Apparently, razor blades don’t get dull because of the shaving.

Instead, they get dull because the moisture on the blade from the shaving that causes oxidation, which leads to microscopic rust forming on the blade and causing it to become dull.

Thus, dry them off after each use, and you should be able to make one blade last for much longer than ever before.

[Via: American Consumer News]

[Photo Via: maol]