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…It’s Movie Monday: Notebook?

Notebook is a collection of four short experimental films by Evelien Lohbeck in which she tries to confuse reality by challenging illusions and expectations using the world’s most powerful Moleskin:

…Quid Pro Quo looks intense?

Quid Pro QuoIf you’re looking to get a little outside of the ordinary with your next film choice, then definitely check out Quid Pro Quo.

    Isaac Knott (Nick Stahl) is a Public Radio reporter in New York City. When he was eight, his mother and father died in an automobile accident that left him in a wheelchair.

    On air, Isaac recounts how he recently received an anonymous tip from someone identified only as “Ancient Chinese Girl.” She tells him a perfectly able-bodied man walked into an emergency ward downtown, and attempted to bribe a doctor into amputating his leg.

    As Isaac investigates the eerie tip, he encounters Fiona (Vera Farmiga) who, through her own quandary, leads Isaac to a netherworld of people afflicted with a perverse desire to be disabled. Like a contemporary noir detective film, Quid Pro Quo follows Isaac as he embarks on a dream-like journey to pull back the layers of what makes people feel whole.

    This quixotic entanglement between reality and its reinterpretation through desire is the heart and soul of Quid Pro Quo. Isaac is drawn to Fiona’s dark side because somewhere in the strata of her perversion lies an underlying truth about himself. He is confined to a wheelchair because of an accident. What can he possibly learn about himself from Fiona’s desire to be like him? The answer of course is everything.

[Quid Pro Quo]

[IMDb – Quid Pro Quo]

[Via: The Reverse Cowgirl]

…Vans wants to fracture your fingers?

Finger Fracture

If the Vans Finger Fracture game ever makes it out of concept and into reality, I have no doubt that it will get immediately snapped up by the hoards of iPhone users as the greatest advance in adver-gaming since the BK King made his rounds on a scooter.

By using the iPhone’s unique multi-touch input, players can manipulate their skateboard with lifelike movements, and the Vans message is subtly woven through out.


[Via: Trendwatch Daily – Hard(s)core]

…Wants For Sale wants more stuff?

Wants For Sale

If you wanted one of the first wants, but didn’t get a chance to buy, then check out Wants For Sale again, because they want new stuff now.

Once again, the cheap wants have been fulfilled, but there are still a few pieces left if you want a bit of art in exchange for a bit of reality.

[Wants For Sale]

…Sarah McSweeney loves octopuses?

Sarah “Sweet Sixteen” McSweeneyModel Sarah “Sweet Sixteen” McSweeney, the Married to the MOB star, was recently deemed Worship Worthy by the site of that same name, and interviewed about her life as a model.

Surprising quotes include:

    To tell you the truth most models are super retarded and I can’t really relate to them. I don’t get anyone who wants to make modeling their complete life.


    The fashion industry is so fucked; it really can suck the life out of you. I’m constantly battling myself to stay in reality, cause it’s very easy to get sucked in.

Strange place to keep a pet octopus…

[Worship Worthy – Sarah “Sweet Sixteen” McSweeney]

[Via: Complex]