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…Espresso is intense?


If you’ve ever wondered what goes into the perfect pull of espresso, from the bean to the grind to the water to the pour, then this short, called Espresso, is for you. Watch as Kyle Glanville of Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea explains his entire process and the reasons behind each step:

Who knew there was so much to it?

[Via: Boing Boing]

…White people like stuff?

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is impressively accurate and incredibly funny.

Half social commentary and half social mocking, it’s a daily dose of the things that make white people white.

From coffee and wine to Barack Obama and anything Apple, the full range of interests is covered. Plus, there are reasons behind each like, and an explanation of the best way to fit in with whitey, so you can easily acclimate to being or interacting with white people.

Now where’d I put that copy of Juno…?

[Stuff White People Like]

…Games are mysterious?

Super Mario Warp Whistle

For some video games, semi-secret items are a way of rewarding players that are advanced enough to find them. For others, their secret items are so hidden that only by chance can you stumble upon them, and even then, you’re often left with an item that has little value beyond ‘Hey, look what I found!”

Why then do designers spend the time to code in these secret mysteries?

According to Gamasutra, it’s a way of lending the game a certain quality, called “verisimilitude, where it “seems like there is a world outside the borders of the screen, happening regardless of what the player does. It implies the existence of a fully-fleshed world” and “it allows a game to better enable the player to forget that it is, really, just a game”.

To prove their point, they have put together a fantastic list of 20 Mysterious Games, including the reason for the secret inclusion, the design of the game itself, and the design lesson that the game can teach future designers.

It’s definitely a trip down memory lane for anyone that has been gaming for some time, and it does give you a new appreciation for the dark arts of video game design, so definitely check it out.

[Gamasutra – Game Design Essentials: 20 Mysterious Games]

[Via: Kotaku]