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…You can be a Space Ambassador?

NSS Space Ambassador Program

Have you ever wanted to go into space? (Is there anyone that hasn’t?)

If you have a passion for space, and would like to share your enthusiasm with others, then the National Space Society and Virgin Galactic would like to make you a Space Ambassador, and one lucky space ambassador will even get a chance to fly into space aboard a Virgin Galactic space flight.

    As a Space Ambassador, you will be trained to deliver an inspirational, multi-media presentation that describes the importance of space in our daily lives, as well as the promise and possibilities that future space endeavors will enable.

If this sounds like a kick ass idea to you, then head on over to the National Space Society website and register for the NSS Space Ambassador Program before it’s too late, because space isn’t going to wait around forever you know.

[NSS Space Ambassador Program]

[Via: Wired]

…TheBlackApp is coming?

The Black App

TheBlackApp is calling itself “The first iPhone consumer network”, and since “space is limited”, they encourage you to register in advance for a launch date of June 5. (They also assure you that, no, this is not a stunt.)

There are three different levels of TheBlackApp (Black, Gold, and Silver) and it looks like the benefits will depend on which level you are a part of, so sign up now to reserve your spot.


[Via: Mashable!]

…Invasion Tactical Defense lets you save the world?

Invasion Tactical Defense

Invasion Tactical Defense is an impressively complex Flash game where your goal is to protect a nuclear factory from an attacking alien race.

To play, you buy cannons, upgrade the factory, and deploy personnel.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it’s not.

Thankfully, the game’s designers have added in plenty of settings to tweak and tune as you try to find the right mix, and even then it’s not an easy win, so give it a shot and see what you can do.

The world depends on it.

Caution: The site requires you to register to play, so be prepared to create an account.

[Clashflash – Invasion Tower Defense]

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