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…Ruby Tuesday went ka-boom?

Apparently Ruby Tuesday thinks it’s pretty clever.

After promising to blow up one of their restaurants to symbolize their commitment to change, they “accidentally” blew up a neighboring restaurant while broadcasting the whole thing live on the internet.

In addition, they’ve issued an apology letter on their site to the restaurant that they blew up:

Ruby Tuesday Apology Letter

Thankfully, plenty of people happened to be there with camera in hand, and YouTube is now filled with commercial sized snippets of first person viewpoints; all appropriately tagged, described and titled to lend that extra bit of authenticity to the whole thing.

Don’t think you can hide from me though Ruby Tuesday, because I can see right through your shenanigans.

[Ruby Tuesday]

[Via: Serious Eats]

…Naked sushi is a fun way to eat fish?


Sushi is essentially naked fish, so it only makes sense to serve it on naked models, right? Nyotaimori, which roughly translates from Japanese into “female body arrangement”, is a growing trend at sushi restaurants across the country as more and more restaurant owners realize that sex sells. Though the model costs an extra $1,100 (before even taking into account the food that covers her), I can’t think of a better way to make a statement at your next party. Tasty.

[New York Times – Selling The Sizzle Even Though It’s Sushi]

[Via: Tastespotting]