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Restoration Hardware Aviator Collection Brings Flight Home

Restoration Hardware Aviator Collection

The Restoration Hardware “Aviator Collection” is a new line of furniture that recalls the sleek design of aviation’s Golden Age, with coordinating pieces that feature gleaming, handcrafted metal and supple aged leather, pairing old and new to masterful effect.

With everything from chairs and desks to end tables and sofas, it’s all you’ll need to relive those fantasies of dog-fighting in a bi-plane that you had as a kid, only this time you’ll be doing it from the comfort and safety of your (well decorated) home office.

[Restoration Hardware – Aviator Collection]

…It’s Things Thursday: World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack?

World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack

Unfortunately, slot car racing is either too cheap, and its toy status quickly wears thin as it starts to fall apart and stops working, or it’s too expensive, and it’s not fun because you’re doing it as a hobby instead of an occasional fun activity.

However, The World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack looks to bridge those two extremes by creating a well-built track that you can set up at home and race for fun.

Featuring 63-3/4 feet of track, Neo Dymium ground-effect magnets and extra-long guide pins, the 1964 Daytona Coupes will whip around at breakneck speeds, but won’t launch off the track the first time you try and take a turn.

In addition, high-conductivity phosphor bronze shoes and a 22-volt power pack deliver speed and racability that you’re looking for, and that no track can match.

Get yours December 1st from Restoration Hardware.

[Restoration Hardware – The World’s Greatest Shelby Slot Car Racetrack]

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