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…John Cena is an 8-bit character?

John Cena 8-Bit T-Shirt

Though the unlicensed-ness of it all may mean that this never makes it to store shelves, I think this John Cena 8-Bit T-Shirt is a fantastic bit of retro chic.

The front features a modern interpretation of the cover of the Nintendo classic Pro Wresting, and the back features a potential combo for the 8-bit Cena, including a button mashing guide.

Can you see him?

[WWE – John Cena 8-Bit T-Shirt]

[Via: Kotaku]

…The Icon Watch is a classic?

Icon Watch

Show off your love of classic gaming with the Icon Watch, a retro throwback to 8-Bit glory.

Featuring a pixilated look that is definitely form over function, it’s the perfect watch to remind you when it’s Mario time.

[Icon Watch]

[Via: Uber-Review]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Vasily Lazarenko’s Wooden Car?

Vasily Lazarenko’s Wooden Car

You might not call Vasily Lazarenko a common car craftsman, but it’s hard not to call him a tuner.

That’s because Vasily not only carved his entire car body out of wood, but he actually carved two different cars, one for each side. Thus, the right side has a “retro” look, while the left side is more “modern”.

It might not burn up the track (burning is the last thing this car needs) but like it or not, it’ll definitely turn heads.

[Via: CNET]

[Via: RussiaToday]

…Your child needs The Roddler?

The Roddler

Kid Kustoms makes a stroller that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Called The Roddler, it features an aircraft-inspired, lightweight, monocoque chassis, a custom pearl paint job with pinstripes, a custom seat and tops in a variety of fabrics (ostrich, stingray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra in a host of colors), retro inspired Kustom fenders with lights, a DVD screen, an iPod dock, and a Kustom leaf spring design.

Sound nicer than your car?

That’s because it probably is. (Though, with a starting price of $2,500, I wouldn’t expect much less.)

If your child demands nothing but the best, then check out The Roddler, because you can only impart style on them for so many years before they develop their own.

[The Roddler]

[Via: Acquire]

…The lunch box is back?

Lunch Boxes

Kii Arens of the “La-La Land” gallery in LA has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to bring some cool back to the lunch box. 25 artists, including Joe Ledbetter, Shag, Gary Baseman, and Greg “Craola” Simkins contributed designs, and the results are beautifully retro. The PB&J revival has begun.

[Dark Horse Comics]

[La-La Land Gallery]

[Via: Format Magazine]