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…Reebok is still using the pump?

Reebok Premier Pump Paris Trainer

The pump is back with the new Reebok Premier Pump Paris Trainer, a shoe that gives you “customized fit, support and comfort”. Plus, did I mention they’ve got the pump? Retrotastic.

[Via: Acquire]

…Pac-Man rings are retro cool?

Pac-Man Rigns

Pac-Man gives some retro style to anything it touches. In this case, it’s a set of matching Ms. Pac-Man and Ghost rings from Tiny Armour Jewelry. Made with either sterling silver or 14K gold plate, they’re sure to let everyone know what an uber cool old school gaming geek you really are, and provide temporary relief for that Pac-Man fever.

[Tiny Armour]

[Via: technabob]

…You can blend yourself awake in the morning?

Blender Alarm

Here’s an interesting way to wake up in the morning. The Crazy Blender Alarm Clock blends a bunch of Styrofoam beads in the retro-style blender when it’s eggs and bacon time, and blasts some funny alarm music just incase the blending isn’t enough. Plus, it’ll act just like a regular clock when you’re not smacking it for an extra 10 minutes of “snooze time”. A great gift idea for that sleepy friend in your life.

[Crazy Blender Alarm Clock]

[Via: Gizmodo]