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…Canouflage makes it easy to get drunk in public?

CanouflageCanouflage is probably one of the best (and funniest) ideas I’ve ever seen: Simply wrap your beer in a vinyl cover that looks like a popular soda brand, and then chug away at what appears to be a harmless 12 ouncer to the outside world.

Available “flavors” include Skunkpiss, Risk, Peski, and Mountain Spew, and they come in packs of four that are also reusable in case the thirty pack that you bought is going to need some extra hiding.

[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…Airzound is one loud bike horn?


Biking can be a dangerous thing, but with Airzound’s 115 db horn at your fingertips, you’ll at least get noticed when needed.

By filling the bottle with pressurized air from your bike pump, you can reuse the Airzound over and over again at 30 blasts per charge. Plus, there’s a volume control switch for when you just want to say hello.