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…The BMW M3’s V8 is a blast?

How do you advertise for the first ever production V8 in a BMW M3?

Hire IdeaCity to cut manifolds, shave cylinders, drill lighting holes, and whatever else it takes to fit cameras, lenses and lights inside of the engine so that you can film the inside of the beast as it does its thing.

This spot took two weeks to study and prepare for, and four, 20-hour days to film, but in the end, 420 horsepower has never looked so good. (This single revolution was filmed at 10,000 frames per second without any computer-generated effects.)

[Via: Autoblog]

…Amazon’s Kindle is a new kind of eBook?

Newsweek - Amazon: Reinventing The BookWith the Kindle, Amazon hopes to revolutionize (and digitize) the book.


Six inch E-Ink screen, EV-DO “Whispernet”, 60 second downloads, 30 hours of battery life, and two hour recharges.


The device itself will go for $399, while books will be $9.99. (Learn anything from Apple’s iTunes pricing, Amazon?)

Will this be the device that finally brings eBooks to the masses?

Only time will tell, but it at least seems like a good start.

[Amazon – Kindle]

[Newsweek – Amazon: Reinventing The Book]

…Wii needs a retro coating?

Wii Skin

If you’ve got a Wii, give it the retro respect it deserves with a Retro Revolution Wii Skin form DecalGirl. Made to look like a NES, this glossy vinyl skin forms a protective coating on your Wii, protecting it from scratches. Safe gaming is fun gaming, so always remember to wrap it up.


[Via: technabob]

…Nintendo fans love the Wii?

A Wii fanboy has created his own commercial, and I must say that Sony needs to look at who they hired to do this spot if one man, a computer, and 80 hours of time can one up them so easily. Let A Hand Drawn Revolution please your eyes and Jars Of Clay’s Revolution please your ears, and soon you’ll be taken away to the land of Wii (it’s a very whimsical place).

[A Hand Drawn Revolution]

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