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…Pirating music is fashionable?

I [Pirate] MusicThe I [Pirate] Music tee is a subversive way of showing off your less than legal hobby in style.

It’s available in either red or brown, and the design is sure to grab attention, which means you’ll want to wear something else to the RIAA party you got invited too.

If yarrrrr ready, then walk the plank for just $28.

[GAMA-GO – I [Pirate] Music Tee]

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…You should Get A First Life?

Get A First Life

Can’t figure out the whole Second Life thing? No worries, because now you can sign up for a First Life. Built as a satire of the Second Life phenomenon, Get A First Life offers such benefits as “Find out where you actually live” and “Fornicate using your actual genitals”. What’s interesting is that Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, decided that instead of shutting First Life down, they would actually encourage it.

    We do not believe that reasonable people would argue as to whether the website located at constitutes parody – it clearly is. Linden Lab is well known among its customers and in the general business community as a company with enlightened and well-informed views regarding intellectual property rights, including the fair use doctrine, open source licensing, and other principles that support creativity and self-expression. We know parody when we see it.

The “Proceed and Permitted” letter (the opposite of a “Cease and Desist”) is something that should definitely be utilized more by more companies (RIAA, Apple), especially in this First Life that we live in.

[Get A First Life]

[Second Life]

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…Banksy wants you to have his art for free?

Banksy What Are You Looking At

Banksy, the quite famous graffiti artist, got a little tired of people selling bootleg copies of his work on eBay and profiting off of those who didn’t know better, so he’s decided to give it all away. On his website, he has posted a selection of large, high-res images of many of his most famous pieces for you to download, print out and enjoy. RIAA, are you listening?


[Via: High Snobiety]

… is being closed down?


RIP, I only wish I could have known you better. The used to be secret spot for downloading full quality music at your quality of choice without the hassle of DRM has finally succumb to its own popularity, as Russia has finally agreed to the US’s (RIAA’s) demands to shut it down. Though I must say I knew at some point that it would get shut down (if it seems too good to be true…), but I was actually surprised by how long they managed to stay in business. Even with this latest nail in the coffin, they still stand by their statement that what they are doing is not illegal (though I don’t think it will help much at this point). If only the record labels would have learned a lesson from AllofMP3’s popularity, instead of spending all of their time trying to shut it down, we might finally have a music download system that makes sense (and dollars) in the US. Oh well, I guess it’s back to P2P networks then until the record companies can figure things out. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.


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