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…Ouverture is a challenge?

Ouverture Logo

Ouverture is a very challenging riddle game that only gets harder as you get farther into it. With no end (the author just adds new levels as he gets new ideas), the goal isn’t really to beat the game, but rather to see how far you can make it (so far there are 92 levels). I played a few levels, and can definitely vouch for the toughness of this game. The feeling of accomplishment you get when you pass each level is definitely worth the challenge though, so give it a try.


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…Internet riddles can be hard?

Though there can be only one, many are the self-proclaimed “Hardest Riddle On The Internet”. Notpron and Antiriddle are two of the top contenders, and with Antiriddle having just released Chapter 2 it’s making a strong push for the lead, though Notpron does claim to be the original. Both feature similar riddle styles, and true to their words, they both are very difficult. Give each a try, and see for yourself which should be given the crown. Plan on giving these a few hours of your time though, they really do deserve it.

[Antiriddle – Chapter 1]

[Antiriddle – Chapter 2]


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