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…Edo Competition got their hands on Ferrari’s California?

Edo Competition Ferrari California

Ferrari’s new California convertible isn’t exactly the most aggressive looking car to ever come off of the Maranello assembly line, but for drivers that are looking for hard top convenience with hard edged looks, Edo Competition is more than happy to take over from where the Italians left off.

Edo Competition Ferrari California Detail

Features include a bump in horsepower and torque thanks to a remapped ECU and a pair of high-flow cats, a set of custom rims, and the ability to trick out the suspension and the interior if you should find the stock options unsatisfying.

By Edo standards, this job isn’t made of the most aggressive modifications on the planet, but when you’re starting with a canvas as flawless as the Ferrari California, it’s hard to do much to perfection.

[Edo Competition]

[Ferrari – California]

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…The MC Sport Line lets you customize your Maserati?

Maserati MC Sport Line

I’m a big fan of carbon fiber, which is probably why I’m a big fan of the Maserati MC Sport Line, a program that basically allows you to add on a bunch of neat little carbon fiber bits and pieces to your already attractive Maserati GranTurismo.

According to Maserati, the MC Sport Line “is designed to enhance the sporty DNA of Maseratis for those customers who like to express their passion for racing through dynamic styling and a choice of technical solutions that increase driving fun without compromise.”

If you’re wondering about the name, MC stands for Maserati Corse, which is Maserati’s motor racing division, and the inspiration behind the MC Sport Line. Their hope is that with the MC Sport Line, Maserati can start to bring some of their on-track experience to the streets.

Initial products to get the benefit of some carbon fiber love include new front and rear spoilers, side skirts, mirror housings and door handles, door panels, dashboard, central tunnel, steering wheel rim, paddle shifts and the instrument panel.

Under all that carbon fiber, customers can also order up new rims, stiffer springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, as well as a specific Maserati Stability Program that is designed to give the driver more freedom before kicking in the nanny.

If you’re in the market for a Maserati, each one of these pieces will be available individually, so it’s really a matter of taste, but if your tastes have the wallet to back it up, you can now have your GranTurismo delivered with all the carbon fiber a driver could ever need.

[Maserati – MC Sport Line]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: SEMA?

Twin Mill

SEMA was, as expected, amazing.

If you’ve never been (given the chance, I think everyone should go), then picture this: More automotive eye candy than you can imagine, and I walked around for two full days and still didn’t see everything. It’s that big.

Though the name of the game is new and improved, and everyone is trying to one-up the next to grab that photographer’s eye, there were a couple trends that I noticed:

  • Orange is the new black. Orange was definitely the go-to color scheme for any car that was trying to show off, and even cars that were painted other colors seemed to have some sort of orange accent.
  • Bigger is better. To grab your attention, rims have now crossed the 30” barrier, and the more gaudy, the better. There were rims with TVs in them, rims with solid gold bars in them, rims with jewels in them, and rims that were painted just about any color you can imagine. If you can dream it, someone else can put it on a rim.
  • Heat-treated is the new chrome. To add to the wheel spectrum, many manufactures are now offering a “heat-treat” option, which takes your shiny new wheel and adds some color to it with a heat-treating process. I like the look, so I hope to see more of it.
  • Horsepower numbers need four digits to impress. With everyone pumping 300 horsepower out of their Civic, it takes something special to show off now, which is why many of the tuners were demoing cars that easily passed through the thousand mark in the horsepower column.
  • Conversions are big. Four door cars became two door, two door cars became four door, convertibles became single seat roadsters, and some cars just lost all hope of being original and simply transformed into something new entirely. There are definitely some automotive Dr. Frankensteins out there, and for the right funds, they can build you just about anything that you can think of.

Tractorri Engine

Though there were many cars that impressed, my favorite car of the show was easily the Tractorri; a half Mustang, half Lamborghini concoction that looked like it just stepped off the showroom floor. The execution was flawless, and it was hard to believe that this car started out as two entirely different machines. Though I couldn’t decide if it should be called a Forghini Musardo, or a Lambord Gallardang, it was easy to decide that John Haugh (the owner of the Tractorri) is one lucky man.

Tractorri Rear End

Starting with a 2007 body in white Ford Mustang, the Tractorri soon began to take shape. The 5.0-liter, 520 hp Lamborghini V10 was midmounted behind the front seats, and then mated to the Gallardo’s four-wheel drive, paddle-shifted E-gear transmission, and Aluminum double wishbone suspension.

Tractorri Interior

Other amenities include 8 piston front and 4 piston rear brakes, custom wheels, Lamborghini interior, PPG paint, and Gallardo taillights (to remind fellow drivers that there is a reason you’ll only ever see the back of this car).

If heaven has cars, then they all look like this, because the Tractorri was simply stunning.

Click through for more pics of the best of the best.
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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Alpine?

Alpine Imprint RLS

Alpine BMW X5

Alpine Sinister Six

Alpine Mini Cooper

I know, I know, Alpine is technically an electronics company, but they’ve created quite a few pieces of automotive art recently to showcase their products. Their latest creation, unveiled at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the Imprint RLS. Starting with a Mercedes Benz R500 for inspiration, which donated only a roof to the final design, Alpine’s team of in-house R & D guys shaped the entire body of the car by hand using fiberglass to give it a “sophisticated, flowing shape”. The color is a custom-mixed BASF R-M Carizzma Candy Cherry Cola Brown which does a great job of highlighting the subtle details that went into each part of this creation. One of the biggest details (and I do mean biggest) is the wheels, 26 inchers in the front and 30 inchers in the rear. Another big feature of the design was going from four to only two doors. Each door “is actually connected to a seat, and each door/seat module is on a motorized rotating platform that automatically rotates the seat outward – and the door inward – to allow the driver access to the completely custom-made interior”. Once inside, passengers are treated to an entire slew of Alpine’s new Imprint sound technology, perfectly tuned to the design of the interior. If CDs just aren’t your style, the Imprint can also accept an iPod and has SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Having seen the Alpine Mini Cooper firsthand, I can definitely say that these guys do some great work, and truly create some one-of-a-kind creations. Alpine, if you’re listening, I’d gladly volunteer my car for any future shows you might want to create something for.

[Alpine Imprint RLS]

[Via: Autoblog]

[Serious Wheels – Alpine BMW X5]

[Autoblog – Alpine Sinister Six]

[Crutchfield – Alpine Mini Cooper]

…Your watch can have its own spinner?

Icetek Spinner

The spinning rim has been around for so long that it’s almost become trite, with every Joe Schmoe in a Honda able to slap a pair of $50 hubcaps on his ride and spin down the street. What if you could carry that spinning sense of style around with you though, say, on your wrist? Icetek aims to do just that with their Spinner line of wristwatches, allowing you to wear “a part of your car, all day long”. Designed with a center disc that moves with motion, “drawing attention to the white diamonds on the spinners, crown, case and bezel”, this isn’t a watch for the subtle. Yours can be had with either a black lacquer or white mother-of-pearl dial, and each one comes with a rubber tire strap and a leather strap to match your outfit. There are a total of 4.5 karats of diamonds covering this spinning sensation, so make sure to wear it on a bright day to get your full $5000 worth.


[Via: Luxist]