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…BristleBots are part of a controversy?


Remember BristleBots, the tiny little ‘robots’ that use little more than a pager motor, a battery and a toothbrush head to create locomotion?

Well apparently, Klutz and Scholastic claim to have thought of the exact same idea with the exact same name at the exact same time as Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, and are making a book with the bots without giving credit to the original inventors.

It’s still up in the air as to what will happen with this whole situation, and you can follow the updates on the MAKE: Blog, but hopefully this will all get resolved in the right way, and credit will be given where credit is due.

[MAKE: Blog – BristleBot Controversy]

…Mozilla loves robots?

Firefox Robot

If you’ve already made the jump to Firefox 3, Beta 5, then go to your address bar and type about:robots for an Easter Egg page with a robot flavor.

(And if you haven’t made the jump, then I recommend you do so, because I love the new features, and I haven’t had a lot of trouble with it so far. If you’re still worried though, check out Lifehacker’s The Complete Field Guide to Testing Firefox 3.)

[Firefox 3, Beta 5]

[Lifehacker – The Complete Field Guide To Testing Firefox 3]

[Via: Lifehacker]

…Channel Frederator loves robots?

Frederator Studios, the creative force behind the Channel Frederator podcast series, celebrated its first anniversary with the creation of Fred-Ex, a look into The Secret Life of Robots. 15 animators were chosen to work on the project, and each was given a single word and two months to produce 10-20 seconds of original content depicting a specific aspect of robot existence. Notable animators include Bernard Derriman (Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me), Doug Bresler (Doogtoons), and Seed Animation (Free Range). Who knew robots were so secretive?

[Via: Neatorama]