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…It’s Movie Monday: Skid Marks?

Skid Marks is a classic from the 705 boys, and took first place in the RockStar Games Upload III Contest.

    Three daredevil street racers take their madcap street antics to a completely different level. An action-packed movie that’s sure to leave a mark in your pants!

Made in 2003, it used a budget of only $300, though it’s filled with the action and adventure of at least a $400 movie. Big Wheeling will never be the same.

[Seven Oh Five]

…Rockstar Games is giving away Grand Theft Auto?

Rockstar Classics

Rockstar Games has come a long way since their original Grand Theft Auto games, so to pay homage to their past, Rockstar Classics is giving away three free PC games. Just head on over and download copies of the original Grand Theft Auto, the sequel, and Wild Metal, and remember your roots.

[Rockstar Classics]

[Via: Kotaku]

…Grand Theft Auto now has toys?

Vice City


Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series rejoice, the second pairing of Rockstar Games and Medicom Toy Corporation has arrived in the form of the Vice City Kubrick characters box set. Featuring all the favorite characters including Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz, Candi Suxx and Ken Rosenberg, this set follows the release of the GTA III set, which sold out only hours after being released. There will only be 3,000 of these limited edition sets produced though, so if you want one, you better hurry.

[Grand Theft Auto Kubricks]

[Via: Product Dose]

…Rockstar Games is a big bully?


It’s not that Rockstar Games loves controversy, it’s just that they’re getting really good at drumming it up, and it’s always been said that you should do what you’re good at (or something like that). Their latest game, Bully, has managed to create quite a stir, despite the fact that few people actually know what the game is all about, and even fewer have had a chance to get some hands-on time with the game. Parents (and those crazy people who just enjoy protesting things) who felt the game would surely be promoting bullying, thereby increasing the instances of the already childhood scarring pastime, were against it from day one, demanding that stores not carry the game and even going so far as to say the game should never make it to market. At one point, it was even rumored that Rockstar would change the name to “Canis Canem Edit” (Latin for Dog Eat Dog) in response to the protesting. Well, as the game approaches its October 17th release date, it appears that things aren’t always as they appear. The game will still be known as Bully (thank God) and it’s even received a T for Teen rating, indicating that the violence and story line aren’t going to be as bad as everyone made them out to be (because pinching and hair pulling are such violent affairs). Perhaps the most startling news of all might be the fact that this game may actually be AGAINST, rather than for bullying (take that, crazy protesting parents). The following three previews should give you a pretty good idea of what this game will be all about, and once it comes out, I truly hope that many an angry parent gets humbled by the game they thought would be such a degradation to our children’s troublesome childhood experience, yet ended up being a game with a message of hope and change for our future (or something like that).

Trailer 1: “A Microcosm”

Trailer 2: “So Mean”

Trailer 3: “Glorious Institution”

[Rockstar Games – Bully]