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…Obama tastes like fish?

Obama Sushi

If you think Obamania isn’t going to extend into the world of sushi, you’d be wrong, as one very clever sushi chef has managed to create a roll that bears a striking resemblance to the 44th President’s mug.

Unfortunately I can’t vouch for how this would taste or even what fish it’s made of, but who cares when it looks so damn cool?

[Via: Slashfood]

…36 Exposures is a challenge?

36 Exposures

What can you do with just one roll?

36 Exposures wants to find out, and has created the 36 Exposures Challenge to put photo and creative skills to the test.

Unlike a digital camera, where you can shoot away and then just pick the ones that you like later, film cameras had an element of choice involved that meant each photo had to serve a purpose; thus, creating “conscious intentionality”.

To bring back that idea, FILE challenged artists to articulate a concept, project, or theme, and then use a camera to photograph the images to accompany it with only one roll of film.

Though the contest deadline has passed, it’s definitely an interesting idea that could serve as inspiration for your own ‘one roll story’, and I’m sure the submissions will be impressive, so bookmark the site and be sure to go back, because you never know what one roll can do.

[36 Exposures Challenge]

[Via: swissmiss]

…Sushi eaters need more etiquette?

Sushi FAQ Logo

I love sushi, but seeing as I grew up on hotdogs and homestyle, I’m not exactly great on the customs. Do you stir wasabi into your soy sauce? Do you dunk the entire sushi roll in to the soy sauce? Do you eat the roll in one bite? What does everything they say there in Japanese mean? Thankfully, all these questions and more are answered in The Sushi FAQ, a great site filled with everything you could ever want to know regarding sushi. Domo arigato.

[The Sushi FAQ]

[Via: Yahoo! Picks]

…Sushi Day is exotic, crazy, off the wall sushi?

New Zealand Roll

Even if you’re a hardcore sushi aficionado, you won’t truly appreciate the art behind the food until you try and make it yourself. Sushi Day is a site devoted to posting “off the wall crazy sushi combinations that real traditionalists will hate”. How off the wall? The first recipe is for a New Zealand Roll, similar to a California Roll but with sumeshi on the outside and kiwi fruit slices on top. It looks and sounds quite exotic, and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with in the coming weeks. Check it out, pick up a rolling mat, and have at it, because you’ll never know until you try.

[Sushi Day]