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…New gadgets are just a hack away?


Has the damaged economy managed to crush your new gadget budget?

Instead of sitting around and complaining, why not make your old things new again with a few “creative” hacks?

To help you along the path to recycled gadget goodness, Gizmodo has put together a guide to Zero-Cost Gadget Upgrades, including turning your Xbox, PC or Apple TV into a genuine media center, hacking your iPod with Rockbox, converting your PC into a Mac, flashing your crappy router’s firmware with DD-WRT to turn it into a top-of-the-line piece of hardware, downloading new maps for your old GPS, jailbreaking your iPhone for Wi-Fi Internet tethering, and modding your Wii to create a free emulation machine.

Who said the next great depression had to be so depressing?

[Gizmodo – Zero-Cost Gadget Upgrades For The Next Great Depression]

…It’s Things Thursday: FON?

Starbucks Fonero

Last week I mentioned the FON free router giveaway, but this week I’m going to dive a little deeper into the service that is FON. FON is “the world’s largest WiFi community”. The service works like this: Members share their wireless Internet access at home, and in return, can get free WiFi access through any of the other Fonero Access Points.

Linus Bill Alien

There are two ways of sharing your Internet. Either you’re a Linus, and you share your WiFi in exchange for free WiFi from other users, or you’re a Bill, and you sell your WiFi by the day and split the profits with FON (you can also be an Alien and pay for the FON service, but who wants to do that?). The La Fonera router is a special kind of router that outputs two signals. One is a private signal that you can use just for yourself for a secure connection that you don’t have to share. The other is a public signal that other Fon users and Aliens can access. You can even personalize the page that other Foneros see when they log onto your FON Access Point, telling them a little about yourself, your local area, or just to say “hi” to other members. Since the service gets better and better as more people sign on and share their Internet, FON has been running a series of promotions lately to give away free Fonero routers to just about anyone who wants one. Their latest promotion is called Fonbucks, where “FON + Starbucks = cash for you”. It works like this: If you live above or near a Starbucks (or any café/coffee shop) they’ll send you a free router that you can use to steal some of Starbucks’ wireless revenue with. Users pay $2 per day (much less than the $10 that Starbucks charges for a single day), and you receive $1 of that in return. It’s a definite win-win, a hopefully a good way of spreading the “movimiento” (movement). If you’re interested in free WiFi, or making some cash off of sharing your own, then definitely check out FON, because the more users the better.

Bonus: I’ve got a free La Fonero router to give away to one lucky DYH reader. If you want it, just say so in the comments, and I’ll pick out one comment at random and send a router your way. It’s Fontastic.


[FON – Fonbucks]

…Fon is giving away free anniversary routers?


Fon, the world’s largest WiFi community, is celebrating its one year anniversary by giving away 10,000 free “la fonera” routers. These are free as in free too, with no shipping or taxing trickery involved. The idea behind Fon is that you set up your Fon router so that any Fon user can access it, and then you are given access to every other Fon user’s router in return. It’s definitely a cool concept, and with 70,000 routers already in use, there’s a good chance there’s already one near you. Hurry with your order though, supplies are limited.

[Fon’s First Anniversary]

[Via: Gizmodo]