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…Rock Paper Scissors has a new champion?

RSP Championships

Bob Cooper, a 28-year old sales manager from London, is the new Rock Paper Scissors World Champion, beating out 500 other competitors to take the title. How’d he do it?

    I went through extensive training, read ‘The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide’, and studied the 27 possible RPS gambits (series of three successive moves made with strategic intention) before competing.

Rock Paper Scissors is a complex game with a simple set of rules, and has served as the decision maker of choice for unending arguments since 1918. The World RPS Society holds the Championships for this sport of champions each year to decide who has the fastest fists and the strongest will, with the winner receiving a small prize, but more importantly, the respect that comes with being a champion. Bob’s winning move? Scissors.

[World RPS Society]

[Via: Neatorama]