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…Nike is now selling lobsters?

Nike Concepts Lobsters

These Nike SB/Concepts collaboration shoes are amazing!

Themed after the lobster, these Dunk Lows are done up in lobster red leather, table cloth pattern lining, and a rubber band around the toe.

To complete the theme, they even come in a lobster trap box with the size printed on the size as a number of pounds.

I’m agreeing with Kitsune Noir on this one: Even if it is a ridiculous idea, the execution is so well thought out that it actually works.

Available exclusively at Concepts.


[Via: Kitsune Noir]

…Rubber bands are dangerous?

Rubber Band Machine Gun

I was always a hand making a gun shape style rubber band shooter, but if you’re looking for a little more firepower, check out Backyard Artillery’s Rubber Band Machine Gun. Featuring twelve rotating barrels and twelve bands per barrel, this Gatling Gun based rubber band gun will fire off 144 rubber bands as fast as you can turn the handle. It’s hand crafted in the USA and even features a turret to easily keep moving targets in sight. Your neighbor’s cat is about to have a very bad day.

[Backyard Artillery – Rubber Band Machine Gun]

[Via: Uncrate]