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…The Fold wallet keeps it simple?

The Fold

I’m a big fan of minimalist wallets, so when I saw ‘The Fold’ from Leffot, I was instantly in love.

Essentially just a single piece of Horween shell cordovan (or as they affectionately call it, “horse ass leather”), it holds your cash and cards in place with three simple folds.

Available in Rust, Natural and Dark Brown, you can either order the Small size for US Dollars, or the Large size for International Currencies and a credit card or two if you have more worldly travels in mind.

If you think you need more than that, just remember Leffot’s motto: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

[Leffot – The Fold via Like Cool]

…Razors don’t go dull on their own?

Shaving With A Razor

Here’s an interesting tip that will help to cut down your disposable razor needs: Dry your razor after you shave.

Apparently, razor blades don’t get dull because of the shaving.

Instead, they get dull because the moisture on the blade from the shaving that causes oxidation, which leads to microscopic rust forming on the blade and causing it to become dull.

Thus, dry them off after each use, and you should be able to make one blade last for much longer than ever before.

[Via: American Consumer News]

[Photo Via: maol]