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…Volvo’s hunt is back?

Treasure Map

    “Wake up land lovers! It’s time to do away with your rum, put down your scrabble pieces and look alive. I have some mighty big news to share with all you rogues and scallywags out there looking for a new high seas adventure. I’m looking for a hearty crew of swashbucklers fit for the task”.
    “There are rumblings of a treasure hunt coming, sure to challenge even the toughest buccaneers around. You can bet all the rum on the ship that this hunt isn’t for the lily-livered (that’s faint of heart to you land lovers). If you had the good fortune (and what pirate doesn’t?) to play in last year’s hunt, you must be scratching your head thinking, “Surely Volvo can’t make the hunt and treasure any better than last year.” Well, you’re dead wrong, me hearty. The treasure this year will shock even the toughest swashbucklers out there. Start sharpening your wit, dust off your olde compass and keep your eyes peeled. You don’t want to miss this one!”

If your idea of a treasure hunt is searching for booty in the shape of a Volvo Caaarrrr, check out the just released site for Volvo’s Treasure Hunt 2007. Last year, the hunt took teams on a race around the world to find a XC90, so this year’s hunt shouldn’t disappoint. Prepare to be boarded.

[The Hunt 2007]

[Via: Autoblog]