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…It’s Website Wednesday: Reknit?


Reknit is a project by Haik Avanian where very month during 2010, you can send his mom an old sweater, and she’ll turn it into a new article of clothing.

This month, she’s knitting any old sweater into a new, hand-made, one of a kind scarf.

Now that’s a sustainable movement I can get behind!


[Via: Josh Spear]

…Laura Splan makes strange scarfs?

Blood Scarf

Laura Splan’s Blood Scarf creeps me out a little bit. It’s knit out of clear vinyl tubing, and connected intravenously to the wearer’s hand. Then, your body fills the scarf with your own blood, so that “the device keeps the user warm with their blood while at the same time draining their blood drip by drip”.

[Laura Splan]

[Via: Everything Weird]