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…Grapes make plasma in your microwave?

And you thought all science projects were boring. This video walks you through the process of creating a glowing plasma ball in your very own microwave using only a standard green grape, a glass, and science. How does it work?

    “Grapes are full of electrolyte, an ion-rich liquid “grape juice” that conducts electricity. Each grape-half serves as a reservoir of electrolyte, connected together by a thin, weakly conducting path….the skin in this case. Microwaves cause the stray ions in the grape to travel back and forth very quickly between the two halves. As they do this, the current puts excess energy into the skin bridge, which heats up to a high temperature and eventually bursts into flame. At this point, the traveling electrons arc through the flame and across the gap, ionizing the air to a plasma (which itself can conduct electricity) and creating the bright flashes you see”.

It’s science.

[Via: Gizmodiva]