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…Tetris is now available in HD?

Most things are better in HD, but apparently, Tetris is not one of them:

Tetris HD

Made as more of an art project than as an actual game, Tetris HD will take you longer to play than it’s worth, but if you turn off your monitor and just check back every so often, the designs that result from the random starting position of each piece are at least beautiful to look at in a confusingly poetic sort of way. (Makes me wish they offered the game as a screensaver…)

Just don’t expect to get your name on the high score list any time soon, since the people that are going for that honor are probably still playing at this very moment.

[Tetris HD]

[Via: Kottke]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Moodstream


Moodstream is a fantastically powerful “brainstorming tool” from Getty Images that is “designed to help take you in inspiring, unexpected directions”.

By tweaking the sliders, you can choose between images, footage, audio, or just a stream of fresh ideas that will bring a whole new creative palette straight to you.

The concept is actually pretty interesting, and the end result is inspiring and interesting in an advanced screensaver sort of way, so it’s definitely worth a look.

[Getty Images – Moodstream]

[Via: The Presurfer]

…Zoomquilt is an endless world?

Zoomquilt 2


Zoomquilt 2 is a follow up to Zoomquilt, an Internet classic that’s been around since 2004. A collaborative art project that zooms indefinitely into itself, you’ll catch yourself starting at it for hours, noticing new things each time, and just trying to figure out how it works. The mesmerization effect also makes Zoomquilt a perfect screensaver. For you Windows users, just download it directly from the site, and for you Mac heads, Nullriver Software has been kind enough to put together a version just for you. Just be ready, because once you enter the Zoom world, it’s hard to leave.


[Zoomquilt 2]

[Nullriver Software]

[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…Timeline scrolls the date and time?

Timeline Clock

The Timeline Clock is an interesting concept where the date and time are shown on bands that scroll across the screen. It’s a unique way of displaying information, and somehow captivating, though you only really notice the seconds and minutes scrolling along (which does put the slow movement of everything else into perspective). If someone could figure out how, I’m sure this would make an amazing wristwatch. If you click on the clock, you can download Timeline and use it as a screensaver. Very cool.


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