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…Bloomberg thinks you’re a Bozo?

Bloomberg Bozo

Given the current economic crisis, Bloomberg’s iPhone Easter egg seems rather appropriate.

In the bottom corner of the left monitor on their iPhone application’s loading screen, Bozo the Clown stares back at you from the blackness.

To see it, just snap a screenshot and play with the levels until he appears.

At least someone’s getting a laugh out of the situation.

[Via: TUAW]

…Chad Pugh created the Science Machine?

Science Machine

Chad Pugh’s Science Machine is a beautiful piece of art that was created using Adobe Illustrator over a 40-hour time frame (double that if you add in concept time and readying the print).

During that time, Chad has his computer set up to take a screenshot every five seconds so that you can follow along from beginning to end though a time lapse as this piece comes to life:

[The Big Pugh Store – Science Machine]

[Flickr – The Science Machine]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…It’s Website Wednesday: CommandShift3?


CommandShift3 is “like Hot or Not for web design”.

(In case you’re wondering, the name comes from the keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot on an Apple.)

On CommandShift3, you are presented with the screenshots of two websites side by side. If you click the screenshot of the site you think looks best, the page reloads and you start all over again. It never ends.

There’s a best & worst page where the winners and losers are gathered up, and you can browse winners by tag, week, or month, so there are plenty of options if you just want to look around for some inspiration.

(And if you’d like to check out and hopefully vote for on CommandShift3, go here.)


…Sean Ohlenkamp is bored?

Once a day for 365 days, Sean Ohlenkamp took a screenshot of his desktop, and then made them into a movie.

I guess you’d call this productively bored.

[Via: Neatorama]