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…Your old iPods can become speakers?

iPod Speakers

Here’s an interesting idea for a pair of old iPods: Replace the scroll wheels with speakers to turn them into a portable stereo system.

According to Jordan, the maker of the speakers:

I was looking through a bunch of old stuff when I came across my original iPod. I had long ago scavenged it for parts, so I came up with another use for it. Although I already had the iPod speaker “shell”, I wanted to make two speakers so that it could be stereo sound. My iPod speaker shell was barely recognizable with too many scratches to count, so I ordered two front panels and two back panels.

The total cost ended up around 100 USD for everything. It was mostly the shipping prices that made it so expensive. If I had spent some more time finding cheaper prices, or finding the parts locally, the cost would have been about 60 USD.

[Voiding Warranties – iPod Speakers]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]