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…It’s Website Wednesday: Mod My Life?

Mod My Life

Though it’s still in private beta mode, Mod My Life has some definite possibility.

Described as “a unique way to view and interact with the world. It’s kind of like ‘Second Life’ mapped back onto the real world.”

Basically, mods are suggestions for future actions. (Example: Bargain for a half-price Big Mac.) Users submit mods, and they’re added to the mod pool, where users can vote for mods that they like, and flag mods that they don’t. The more votes that a mod receives, the more likely it is that it will be promoted to the mod finals.

Modstars are the ones who perform the mods. The users determine their actions via the mod voting system, and the Modstar must do what the users say. Once he has finished one mod, the users can choose the next from among the finals, and it starts all over again.

To keep things really interesting, all of the mods are performed live (give or take the few seconds used to keep the video smooth).Video is streamed straight to the users, allowing you watch in real time as the Modstar performs each mod.

Sound like your scene? Then head on over to Mod My Life and sign up for the private beta, because we all need a bit more control.

[Mod My Life]

…You should Get A First Life?

Get A First Life

Can’t figure out the whole Second Life thing? No worries, because now you can sign up for a First Life. Built as a satire of the Second Life phenomenon, Get A First Life offers such benefits as “Find out where you actually live” and “Fornicate using your actual genitals”. What’s interesting is that Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, decided that instead of shutting First Life down, they would actually encourage it.

    We do not believe that reasonable people would argue as to whether the website located at constitutes parody – it clearly is. Linden Lab is well known among its customers and in the general business community as a company with enlightened and well-informed views regarding intellectual property rights, including the fair use doctrine, open source licensing, and other principles that support creativity and self-expression. We know parody when we see it.

The “Proceed and Permitted” letter (the opposite of a “Cease and Desist”) is something that should definitely be utilized more by more companies (RIAA, Apple), especially in this First Life that we live in.

[Get A First Life]

[Second Life]

[Via: Boing Boing]