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Mary Ellen Croteau Makes Bottle Cap Art

Bottle Caps

Artist Mary Ellen Croteau proves that recycling can be beautiful with her work, titled Close, made entirely of bottle caps.

According to Mary:

Plastic bottle caps – like bags, a plastic product that can’t be/isn’t recycled. I conceived of an “endless column” of these caps, after Constantin Brancussi’s iconic modernist sculpture. One became two, and two became many. While making these columns, I noticed the smaller caps tended to nest inside one another, and the color combinations reminded me of Chuck Close’s painted portraits. So I got sidetracked and started on a large self-portrait made entirely of bottle caps. The piece measures 8 feet by 7 feet. No paint is used, except to delineate a few shadows where white board was showing through. In a few cases, the caps are trimmed in order to fit a tight space.

See more detailed photos at her site.

[Mary Ellen Croteau]

…Google is going to the moon?

Google Lunar X PRIZE

If you can land a craft on the Moon, roam around for 500 meters, take pictures with your craft, and then send a “Mooncast” back to Earth, Google wants to give you $20 million.

    The Mooncast consists of digital data that must be collected and transmitted to the Earth composed of the following:
    • High resolution 360º panoramic photographs taken on the surface of the Moon;
    • Self portraits of the rover taken on the surface of the Moon;
    • Near-real time videos showing the craft’s journey along the lunar surface;
    • High Definition (HD) video;
    • Transmission of a cached set of data, loaded on the craft before launch (e.g. first email from the Moon).

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is designed to spur on imaginations and innovation, though I think it’s taking place partly because Google wants to add Street View images of the Moon to their Google Maps software. Plus, it’s going to make for some awesome YouTube videos!

[Google Lunar X PRIZE]

…Everyone has many influences?


If you paint portraits on your own self, can they be called self-portraits? YouTube user Philinthecircle (Phil Hansen) wanted to answer that question and more with a piece called Influences, where he painted 30 different people (either a picture of the person or an object that represented that person) that influenced his life one on top of the other on his torso. The end result required 20 hours of painting and 30 hours of being a painting (including sleeping with it on), but it’s truly an original creation that is both beautiful and inspiring.

[Philinthecircle – Influences]

[Via: Wooster Collective]

…Crayons are good for self portraits?

Crayon Portrait

This Self Portrait by Joseph Barbaccia is done with crayons, but not in the normal sense. Instead of being drawn with crayons, it’s actually constructed with the crayons themselves. Joseph was probably one of those kids who couldn’t stand trying to color within the lines.

[Joseph Barbaccia]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]