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…Vonnegut Dollhouse comes with its own dollhouse?

Vonnegut Dollhouse CD

If the music industry spent as much time innovating as they do interrogating, they might actually start selling some CDs.

Take, for example, the packaging that Rethink created for Vonnegut Dollhouse. By turning the package into a piece of art, they managed to create something that can’t be replicated by a digital download.

Suddenly, paying for the CD doesn’t seem like a bad proposition after all.

If only all companies thought this way.


[Via: The Serif]

…Will Farrell is Semi-Pro?


I like that Will Farrell has reached a point in his career where he can sell a movie by basically saying not much more than the fact that he is going to be in it.

Here’s to stardom:

…Thailand hates Ferraris?

Smashed Ferrari 456 GT

In Thailand, thieves steal the pieces and parts off of expensive rides, then buy what’s left at a police auction for a reduced price, reassemble, and sell the cars off for profit.

To send a message to these car launderers, the Thai government staged a smashing of a stripped Ferrari 456 GT. By bulldozing over the $1.2 million ride, they hope to show that this (very creative) type of stealing won’t be tolerated.

[Via: Wrecked Exotics]