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…Hot dogs can be fried?

French Fried Hot Dog

Looks like the Tornado Potato isn’t the only fried creation coming out of Seoul.

Check out this hot dog vendor, serving up everything from dogs wrapped in bacon, mashed potato, corn batter, and seaweed to the soon to be classic French fry dog.


[Via: The Last Appetite]

…Tornado Potatoes look delicious?

Tornado PotatoHere’s an idea that will make it stateside sooner than later: A spiral cut and deep-fried potato, called the Tornado Potato.

Currently, it’s a snack that’s available on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, though I’m sure it’ll be clogging the arteries of fried food fans across the globe in no time.

[Photo Via: superlocal]

[Via: Neatorama]