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…It’s TGI Friday: Frost Bite 2?

Frost Bite 2

Celebrate the arrival of winter with Frost Bite 2, a sequel to the popular winter mountain climbing game from Nitrome.

In Frost Bite 2, you’ve taken a little holiday ice-skating in Thin Ice, and now you’re back to climb bigger and even more exciting mountains using just your grappling hook.

Just don’t look down!

[Frost Bite 2]

…You should play the game?

Rules Of The GameIf you want to play the Game, you’ve got to know the Rules.

Neill Strauss lives by that motto, and he definitely knows how to play the game. Thankfully, with “Rules of the Game”, he also wants to teach you the rules so that you can play the game as well.

More than just a sequel, “Rules of the Game” is actually a pair of books.

The first, called “The Stylelife Challenge”, shows you how to master the game in just 30 days. It’s the ultimate guide to landing the woman of your dreams, and aims at helping you to confront your insecurities and overcome them through a process of rigorous self-examination, briefings and field missions.

The second, called “The Style Diaries”, shows you what kind of world Neill has been living in. Filled with tales of seduction and sexual (mis)adventure, it includes accidental marriages, threesomes, sex experiments, and more, taking you further into the seduction underworld than ever before.

Neill’s first book, called simply “The Game”, is now an international best seller, and these are meant to be follow-ups, so if you’d like to play, make sure you start from the beginning by reading that first. However, for advanced players who are already familiar with some of the rules, this advanced lesson should help you to get past the first few lessons and into the real heart of the game.

Just make sure you’re ready for what’s on the other side of the rabbit hole.

BTW: I just lost the game.

[Via: Acquire]

…City of Men could be something special?

City Of Men

If you liked the movie City of God, then get ready, because the unofficial “sequel” is coming.

Called City of Men (Cidade dos Homens), it’s about two friends who grew up together in Rio de Janeiro. As they face the first difficulties of adulthood, they must deal with fatherhood, marriage, a missing father, a gang war, and the drug trafficking that is all around them. In a run for their lives, they will discover “a truth so terrible it threatens to break up their friendship”.

Like the first one, this one has the potential to become a cinematic masterpiece, so be on the lookout for a limited release in early 2008.

[City Of Men]

[Via: First Showing]

…Animations can fight back against their animators?

Animator vs. Animation II is the sequel to a very successful animation involving a stick figure fighting back against his creator. In this episode, he uses various elements of the desktop to wage a battle against the computer itself. Who will come out on top?