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…Sex at the movie theater can be funny?

Movie Sex

I saw Knocked Up last night (which was definitely as funny as everyone said it would be), but unfortunately, my movie theater was not as creative as some apparently are when it comes to their signage.

This picture is a clear example of what happens when you give someone too much time and too little salary.

[Via: Tech.Chick.Blog]

…Spiders give you AIDS?

AIDS Spider

If you’re arachnaphobic, this image might push you over the edge, but the French are hoping that it will keep you from having risky (unprotected) sex and thus, contracting AIDS. She doesn’t seem to mind though.

[Via: (NSFW) New Scientist]

…It’s Movie Monday: College Saga?

College Saga

College Saga, a film by Mark Leung, is the Final Fantasy style quest of three students from suburban Massachusetts who step up to end Vegetarian Supremacy. It’s a well-edited saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions, and well worth the 41 minutes you’ll put into watching it.

[College Saga]

…Sex sells coffee at Cowgirl’s Espresso?


Starbucks is the undisputed king of the coffee shop land, and all should bow down before it and succumb to its greatness, right? Not so fast. If there is one thing that sells more than omnipresence, it’s sex, and at Cowgirl’s Expresso, they’re selling a lot of coffee, and they’re doing so with a lot of sex. That’s because the baristas behind the counter are more Victoria’s Secret and Hooters than they are green apron and black shirt. Based in Seattle, the unofficial coffee capital of the US, Cowgirl’s Coffee has to follow the Washington state law that requires workers to cover both breasts and butts, but they definitely do so in a very loose sense. I’m sure tips at a place like this aren’t that hard to come by.

[Cowgirl’s Espresso]

[Via: UNEASYsilence]

…Wii needs two players?

The Wii was supposed to usher in a whole new kind of gaming, but I don’t think this is what Nintendo had in mind. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! NSFW.

[Via: Kotaku]