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…F*** My Life?

F*** My Life

If you’re feeling down, then maybe it’s time to visit F*** My Life for a little pick me up at the expense of others.

On F*** My Life, users share their misfortune and ‘let it all out’ as a way to unwind through sharing. By doing so, the site hopes to help everyone realize that even when things seem like they’re at their worst, you are not alone.

[F*** My Life]

…Flickr can be funny?

Flickr PillarFlickr has built up a community around sharing pictures, and users interact by annotating images with their comments.

Apparently, this ability to add your own ideas, coupled with the fact that Flickr has been around long enough to develop its own –isms means that for one lucky Pillar pic, every minute detail is now a point of focus to be picked and pulled apart.

Click through for a crash course in Flickr inside jokes.

[Flickr – Pillar]