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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Triple Play?

Triple Play

How do you make an ’89 Isuzu Pickup stand out from the crowd?

Easy: Shave the body, lower it to the ground, and add two extra axles!

This Isuzu, known as Triple Play, was created by Word of Mouth Customs, and features suicide doors, a sliding ragtop, 11 extra feet in the bed to accommodate the extra axles, angles license plate, Tangerine Pearl paint, a 3-inch body-drop, Amigo fenders, a ’95 Rodeo chrome grill, Rodeo bumpers and headlights, a shaved dash, bone suede and tangerine vinyl interior, 18-inch rims, airbag suspension, a 350ci small-block Chevy V8, 700-R4 transmission, and enough chrome to keep the owner polishing for days.

It might not be everyone’s style, but it sure does stand out.

[Truckin’ Magazine – Triple Play]

[Via: Jalopnik]

…It’s Movie Monday: Shaving?

Here’s an interesting use of stop motion: Grow out a beard, and then shave it off piece by piece so that it looks like you’re using your fingers.


[Via: Neatorama]

…Razors don’t go dull on their own?

Shaving With A Razor

Here’s an interesting tip that will help to cut down your disposable razor needs: Dry your razor after you shave.

Apparently, razor blades don’t get dull because of the shaving.

Instead, they get dull because the moisture on the blade from the shaving that causes oxidation, which leads to microscopic rust forming on the blade and causing it to become dull.

Thus, dry them off after each use, and you should be able to make one blade last for much longer than ever before.

[Via: American Consumer News]

[Photo Via: maol]