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…Photoshop Heros can show off too?

Photoshop Hero Comic

If Guitar Hero’s five buttons and a strum bar overwhelm your beat-less brain, but you can Photoshop like a master, then show off your skills with the Photoshop Hero shirt from Penny Arcade.

Photoshop Hero Shirt


    The back does exclaim that one has “Filter Power,” but this is only one of several earned abilities. In actual play, one might also choose to create a “New Layer,” in addition to several font-related “boosts.”

[Penny Arcade – Photoshop Hero Shirt]

[Comic Via: Penny Arcade]

…Pizza Box Clothing looks good enough to eat.

Pizza Box Clothing Logo

Shirts and strange packaging have always gone well together, so it’s no surprise to see designers continue the trend.

Pizza Box Clothing is, as you would expect, a line of clothing that come packaged in a pizza box. This isn’t just a normal run of shirts though.

Each shirt is drawn by hand, and comes in its own single edition arted up pizza box.

That’s right, if you own a piece of Pizza Box Clothing, then you own the only one in the world that’s like it.

Pizza Box Clothing


[Pizza Box Clothing]

[Via: iloveyourtshirt]

…Threadless is having a sale?

Threadless Sale

Threadless is currently having the Wear I $pent My Summer Vacation Sale, with all designs just $10 and up. If you’re looking for some new threads, now is the time.