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…It’s Movie Monday: Time Well Wasted?

Time Well Wasted

The “lay on the ground and film from above” style of video production is becoming more popular lately, and for good reason.

    Maybe you’ve seen this concept used before and maybe you haven’t, but you definitely haven’t seen it used this exhaustively and to such a dynamic extent and with a shirtless Geeves. Filming took up the entire month and everyone involved pulled their shit together like when you’re driving home after a few drinks and (suddenly!) you end up face to face with an Officer of the Law at a roadblock or, perhaps, the scene of your accident.

Check out this intro for the snowboard movie “Time Well Wasted” that was created by Sandbox, and see why it was recently awarded “Best Video Opener” by Future Snowboard Magazine.

[Via: Crapneto, Computerlove]