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…America likes its presidents tall and fat?

The Measure Of A President

Ever wonder how a candidate’s stature effects his chance of getting into office?

To help evaluate that question, The New York Times put together a fantastic chart of the presidential candidate pairings to see if there are any trends, and found some interesting results.

According to the chart, taller (17 to 8) and heavier (18 to 8) candidates generally do better than their shorter and lighter counterparts.

It’s not an exact science, but it does show some interesting insight into what we see in a leader.

[The New York Times – The Measure Of A President]

[Via: SwissMiss]

…Our desires form paths?

Desire Path

A desire path is the improvised path that forms when people walk across a certain area of grass over and over again because it makes their path shorter. Eventually, the grass wears away and dies, and a path is formed.

Check out Flickr for a full gallery of what happens when man can no longer control his desires.

[Flickr – The Desire Paths Pool]

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[Photo Via: GeorgieR]